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UX, Code & Visual Design for an Assignment Photography Resource
North American Properties
UX, Code & Art Direction for a Multi-Regional Real Estate Firm
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
UX, Visual Design & Code for a National Youth Leadership Org.
Ford Motor Company
Art Direction & Visual Design for an American Car Maker
Valvoline Instant Oil Change
UX & Visual Design for a Drive-thru QuickLube Chain
UX & Visual Design for a Direct-to-Consumer Solar Brand
NBA Game Time
UX & Visual Design for a Basketball Statistics App

My last name is Verhine, pronounced like wolverine.

Hi, I'm  J. J. —

I'm a UX Designer/Developer Hybrid currently living on the west side of LA.

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directly at (757) 342-5654.

    Hybrid UX/UI
    Design & Code
    Santa Monica,

    My last name is Verhine, pronounced like wolverine.

    I'm a Digital Product Designer & Frontend Developer originally from Atlanta and now living on the west side of Los Angeles. My skill set spans Visual Design, Brand Design, User Experience, Interactive Prototyping, and Front-end Development.

    My reel from 2018.

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    Tools & Frameworks

    I've built several different kinds of websites from scratch. Many were built on the WordPress platform. My focus these days is mostly within React environments. I'm able to code HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript by hand for a polished experience that looks right and feels right. I'm comfortable prototyping in Figma, XD, Sketch, After Effects and other tools. I used Sketch as my primary design tool since 2016. I've also spent a considerable amount of time in Adobe XD but nowadays it's mostly Figma. Tools change all the time and I'm not afraid to embrace new ones. (I began my career as a Flash Designer, after all.)

    As part of their Fall 2014 Fashion Campaign, Gap reached out to a handful of influential Photographers in each of the following cities: Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta & NYC. I was proud to be among six selected to represent the South.

    How I Operate

    Through the years, I've gained experience directly managing client expectations when carrying projects all the way from conception to completion. I've learned how to tell the client things that they might need to know, but are afraid to hear. I've worked remotely and independently since 2008 and consider myself to be a self-starter. I'm comfortable within a UX, UI or front-end development role as part of a larger team, and I'm often used as a bridge between design and development. I consider myself to be a Designer above all, so if I'm in a situation where all I'm doing is programming, I value having a voice with regard to implementation, interaction and style.

    Design Process

    I believe in sharing work early in the design process. I always get my ideas on paper during a short sketch process with the intention of building a proof-of-concept as soon as possible. My next priority is to gather internal feedback to validate or invalidate my initial assumptions about possible solutions, adjust those assumptions, and then branch off into new directions. A generous amount of hours in this discovery phase almost always results in a more fruitful and considered end-product.

    The Great Fran Tarkenton goes rogue and says a few outlandish things about me.

    What sets me apart?

    Having practical knowledge of the development process allows me to design experiences that feel natural and can actually be built. I'm able to work without an ego and generate my own ideas, but also humble when fleshing out someone else's ideas. I value precision while also maintaining a mindful awareness that "done is better than perfect." I know when to sacrifice quality for speed, but also how to be resourceful at balancing the two.


    I've previously done work for Data AI, KB Home, Ford, Atomized, P&G, Gap, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, MetroPCS, Valvoline, At-Edge, Green Feather, North American Properties, Coca-Cola, Wrigley/MARS, Sunrun, Walmart, Publix, Cadillac Jack, Equifax, IHG, Gap, MetLife and Reynolds Plantation, Game of Thumbs, ForeverHome, Turner Sports, Ogilvy & Mather, Artistry, Windmark Recording, GoSmallBiz, Tarkenton Financial, Finestone & Morris, Who's Next, All Out Custom Cycles.